Do I Get My Money Back After the Case is Closed When Using a Bail Bondsman?

Being able to bond out of jail is nice after an arrest. It provides time to prepare for the case and get family matters in order. We usually do not plan on being arrested, leaving things up in arms when it happens. Luckily, a bail bondsman can provide bailbonds Vista for anyone who has been arrested. However, do not expect a refund of the money paid to the bondsman.

Some people wrongly believe they’ll get a full refund of their money after using a bail bondsman service. This is not the case. A bondsman provides you with a loan when using his or her services. The money is non-refundable under all circumstances.  It does not matter what the outcome of the case; the money is not refunded to you. Kiss the money goodbye with confidence it’s worth the small expenditure.

If you prefer to pay a bond that offers a return once the case is closed, pay the bond directly to the court. Keep in mind that you’ll pay the entire bond amount unlike when you use a bondsman service that charges just 10 percent of the original bond amount. You’ll pay $25,000 directly to the court if the judge sets the bond at this amount. However, the bond is not refundable in every case.

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Bonding agents like the professionals at Acme Bail Bonds also charge a small bondsman fee for their service. All in all, it’s a small price to pay for your freedom after an unforeseen event in life. It happens every single day and can certainly throw life for a loop that you never expected. However, with help from a bail bondsman, you can get out of jail without spending all of your life savings in the process.